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Covina Martial Arts

Spark the adventure of self-discovery, empowerment,
and unlimited potential while getting in great shape!

About Our School

The 5 Life-Changing Gifts of
Martial Arts. For Kids AND Adults.

Hi and welcome!

Want to take control of your life but have been unsure of how to do that? Perhaps you're looking for a new outlet for your kids to work off some of that extra energy, while learning and growing, in a positive and motivating environment.

Maybe you just want to do something amazing, fun, and exciting for yourself because you ARE worth it.

Our Covina Martial Arts school can certainly help you with all of those things.

At first glance, most people think Martial Arts is a way to get fit and learn self-defense...which is true...but...

Martial arts is so much more than just kicks and punches! Can you imagine how amazing your life will be with enhanced physical fitness, improved mental focus and clearer thinking, lightning fast reflexes, and a healthier body to take you well into your golden years?

Luckily, we don’t have to imagine it because we see these things in action. Every. Single. Day.

Our students continuously tell us how Martial Arts enriches their lives in ways most people are not prepared for. Seriously. And it will do the same for you.

These life-changing benefits are more "subtle" than the physical benefits you see from our classes. While you can see lean muscle forming, and feel the effects of cardio training within the first week, the benefits below are felt on a deeply personal level. And with some phenomenal (positive!) side effects.

Just by reading this far, you have proven that you are ready to take a chance on yourself, leap feet first into the action-packed world of Martial Arts, and live a truly amazing life!

Change can be scary but we’ll be there the entire time to guide you and support you. You CAN have it all, and we can’t wait to be there with you to hear all about it.

Here are a few life-changing benefits you can expect…

#1 Tremendous Confidence

Martial arts is tough. Whether you just want to stay physically fit or you’re in it to win it and become one of the world’s leaders in martial arts, doing something new is challenging both physically and mentally. you push yourself and let your instructors guide and cheer you on, you’ll get a HUGE boost in confidence! You’ll also get in amazing shape and feel good about yourself and body. Know what that means? Even more confidence... and happiness!

You’ll be able to smile big and feel proud as you achieve things you once thought impossible. Even if that means completing one single push up, perfecting a difficult new technique, or simply watching your kids progress through their training.

#2 Single Pointed Focus

Focus your mind grasshopper... as you listen intently and concentrate on what your instructor tells you, then performing the techniques, you’ll improve your ability to focus and absolutely crush your martial arts and fitness goals. 

The cool thing is that this intense concentration naturally pours into other areas of your life too. 

Studies have shown that just a half hour of physical fitness improves focus, increases problem solving ability, and boosts memory in both kids and adults. 

#3 Let’s Get Physical

Our classes are a blast and based on functional fitness. We use positive reinforcement and high fives instead of military style yelling and endless hours on a treadmill.

This means that each of our classes is loaded with challenging, fun exercises designed to enhance your self-defense skills. Dynamic striking, high intensity intervals of cardio training, and movements that mimic how the human body should move are our focus.

Don’t worry if you feel as though you won’t be able to keep up. We work with all levels from total beginner to pro athlete. And you know what...they all sweat the same at the end of our workouts!

#4 We Are Family

Many martial artists claim they always felt like an “outsider” before they found martial arts. Some of our students just never got into organized sports in school or felt like social clubs weren’t for them. 

But those same students that tell us how they “never fit in” or weren’t popular seem to come alive in class! We provide a safe, non-intimidating environment where we all want each other to succeed. There are no bullies or students trying to one up each other on my watch. 

You’ll get nothing but a lot of support and friendship from our members and instructors. It’s easy to make new friends here and, as a result, our community thrives.

We provide the kind of environment that promotes friendship, encouragement, and motivation. The sense of fulfillment after every class is more than you can imagine. 

#5 You'll Have FUN!

You’ll have an absolute blast in class! Sure, sometimes things will be tough and training can get intense. But we like to break up the intense focus and concentration with lots of laughs, encouragement, and light-hearted humor.

Laughing and smiles are part of every class!

Make your fitness dreams come true while learning how to protect yourself and your family.

We’re so dedicated to community improvement and safety that we’re offering a limited time 100% money back guarantee on all web specials. So, if we’re not a good fit for you, no worries. But chances are you’ll love it here. If you’re comfortable signing up over the internet, we highly encourage it. If not, don't hesitate to give us a call: (626) 859-5741

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Tammy Pino and Chico Villatoro

Tammy Pino and Chico Villatoro, Co-Founders
Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts
(626) 859-5741

We have a blend of unique elements in all our Kids Martial Arts classes; techniques, discipline, respect and fun. The outcome: disciplined kids who are well-behaved with a great sense of respect everywhere they go. Parents of the students love our classes too for they have seen their kids perform better in school.

All our classes are filled with fun activities and games. Kids are taught new martial art techniques as well as being helped to improve and master old ones.

Covina Hyper Fight Club is a unique program designed for martial artists. It's a performance-based martial art sport where students take their martial arts skills and combine them with sport fighting, exciting team challenges, sparring games, and more. Hyper is quickly sweeping the globe because it's such a fun, challenging sport.

We believe fitness classes should offer more than just toning muscle, burning fat and boosting energy. That's why our Covina kickboxing classes are extra-packed with a mix of fun, action and passionate instructors. Our caring instructors will guide you through professional workouts with real-life kickboxing techniques to develop unshakable confidence and a slimmer, stronger you.

Work with authentic kickboxing equipment, learn new athletic drills and burn fat fast as you make friends. It's risk free to join with our amazing web special. Just click now to get started.

So school's out and you're looking for the coolest camp around to send your kid to, right? We've got you covered with our Martial Arts Summer Camp. Every day your child will experience super fun games and activities... learn powerful self-defense skills... get a healthy dose of fitness... make friends...

... and learn all about important life lessons like discipline, goal setting, focus & concentration, and more. We give kids the perfect blend of structure and “running free”. Call us now to learn more. But hurry! We sell out fast, and I'd hate for you to miss out.

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show! Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

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Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts is the Place Where You Can Believe and Achieve!

Welcome to our martial arts school where you will find Personal Growth, Inspiration and Amazing Workouts in every class! We provide a training experience like no other…one that will change your mindset so you can achieve greater success in fitness and in life. 

We are family-focused and are here to meet your needs no matter what age, background or fitness level you are. That’s why many families choose to train together. Parents who train with their children have a deeper family bond and more respect for one another. Even more, it’s family fun where lasting memories are created!

It’s All About You. We will train you with your individual fitness goals and safety in mind. You’ll learn effective techniques like amazing high kicks, powerful punches and superior strikes that build upon each other and create steady progress. After all, slow and steady wins the race and YOU are a WINNER! Your child will have great fun and won’t get bored with the variety of physical and mental drills we provide.

Your child deserves the best, which is why Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts has only high-level instructors. Our staff loves what they do and are here to give you personalized world-class training. The sky’s the limit to what you can achieve so let your imagination run wild and watch your dreams come true!

Your Circle of Influence Just Got Bigger. Our close-knit martial arts family provides you with heart-to-heart friendships that you’ll come to treasure. Lean on us and your classmates for endless motivation, encouragement and to celebrate your many successes. You’re definitely going to see lots of smiles and high fives here.

Your child will gain CONFIDENCE and valuable LEADERSHIP skills while being humble. They’ll have bully-proof skills and won’t be afraid to stand up for themselves, if necessary. They’ll be seen as role models that other kids will look up to. Their grades will improve and that helps to ensure lifelong success at anything they want to be, do or have.   

We love to inspire you and your family toward good health, physical and mental fitness and personal excellence. And we do this in a clean, safe and positive environment.

Martial Arts isn’t just for kids though. Our ADULT karate and fitness kickboxing classes are just as much fun, challenging and rewarding. Check out what you can expect to experience…

You’d think that all those PRICELESS BENEFITS for your body, mind and spirit would be over the top expensive, right? Well, it’s not at all. In fact, it’s quite a LOW COST ACTIVITY – just with a lot of AMAZING PERKS! 

Check out our insanely low WEB SPECIAL going on, but only for a limited time. Classes fill up FAST because it’s such a no brainer deal, so reserve your spot today!

The goal at Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts is to EMPOWER you and your family to step outside your comfort zone, push past your physical and mental limits and accomplish your fitness goals. Doing that helps you to achieve your full potential… and isn’t that what you want for yourself and family?

We can\'t wait to empower you and see how fast you learn and grow with us! Come be a part of our awesome family and experience the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most FUN you’ve ever had getting fit!

The Instructors

Tammy Pino – Co-owner of Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts, started training in the Martials Arts in 2009. Her training began after watching her two daughters train and gain confidence and focus through their training. The confidence and self-empowerment that she and her daughters gained were something she wanted to share with more people. 

Tammy and her business partner, Chico Villatoro, opened Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts in September 2012, with a focus on a family-style karate studio that offers martial arts training and fitness classes to their members.

Tammy also brings her love of nutrition and overall health and well-being to the studio. She is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition.

Chico Villatoro – Co-owner of Villatoro Bushido Martial Arts, started training at 4 years old in American Style Karate. Chico fell in love with teaching the Martial Arts when he was 16 years old.

He competed in sports competition from 1981 until 1999 and currently holds a 5th degree black belt in American Style Karate.

Chico has placed a focus on helping students become the best they can be by using the Martial Arts to teach them qualities like respect, discipline and having strong self-esteem. 

In 2002, training under Mr. Steve Fisher, Chico had the unique opportunity to prepare and train with Royce Gracie for a fight in Japan with Kazushi Sakuraba. 

The respect and passion that both Chico and Tammy feel for the Martial Arts has shaped a studio that is dedicated to instilling qualities in their students that help them conquer everyday challenges with an “I can” attitude… teaching you how to win in life.

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